Stopping Foreclosure in Charlotte, NC

Foreclosure is a process that is initiated by lender in North Carolina when a borrower who has availed a mortgage loan on his property is not able to repay his obligations. If the homeowner gets behind in his EMI’s or misses them, the lender is well within his rights to start foreclosure proceedings. Foreclosure is … Continued

The Eviction Process in Charlotte, NC

Eviction is a process of law using which a landlord in Charlotte, NC can lawfully remove a tenant from his property. Eviction is mostly resorted to in cases of non-payment of rent by a tenant. All rules and regulations related to eviction can be found in Chapter 42 of North Carolina General Statutes. It is … Continued

Behind on your mortgage payments? You MUST see this

Are you behind on mortgage payments? Don’t do anything until you have read this Are you facing a tight financial situation in your life which is making it difficult for you to pay your EMIs to your lender? If yes, then it is a matter of great concern for you. This is because if you … Continued

How to sell your charlotte home during a divorce

You had not imagined this situation when you purchased your home jointly with your spouse in Charlotte. You are still repaying your monthly installments to your lender but all your dreams have been shattered as you are getting divorced from your wife.  Divorce can be a draining experience for anyone both emotionally as well as … Continued

How to sell a Fire Damage Charlotte House

Do you own a house in Charlotte NC that was damaged recently with a fire? If yes, then you must be a worried man looking for ways to repair the house to make it livable again. It can be a big nightmare for any homeowner to see his home gutted in a fire because of … Continued

How to sell your Charlotte house in a job loss

Sell your Charlotte house quickly and easily in case of a job loss  Buying your own house was your big dream and you were elated when you were able to realize this dream in Charlotte. You continued to pay your mortgage to your lender religiously for a long time and built a sizeable equity in … Continued